Hurricane Florence: Travel Advisory

(updated September 10, 2018, 12:00pm EST)

As Hurricane Florence intensifies as it approaches the East Coast of the United States we are all left with an uncertainty about upcoming travel and flight status for the coming week. It is important to prepare properly so you know what to do in the case of a delay or cancellation.

IMPORTANT: You will need to wait until there is an official status update to your flight by the carrier before any action can be taken.
NOTE: If you do choose to change your travel plans without an official flight cancellation or delay please note that all fees and costs associated with such changes to your trip will not be covered or protected by travel insurance and you are bound by all cancellation fees of your reservation and travel providers.


Please read the following directions:


1. Travel Insurance

Did you purchase it? Are you covered for flight cancellation or delay?

If you accepted and paid for Travel Protection provided by Tenon Tours through TripMate and have have any questions regarding your coverage or specific scenarios based around your plan please reach out to TripMate directly at 1-800-888-7292, plan #F369T. Tenon Tours representatives cannot answer any scenario specific questions regarding your coverage.

If you trip is affected by Hurricane Florence and you have travel protection please remember:
-Keep all receipts
-Record time, date and status of all changes, purchases and affected aspects of your trip.
All of the above information may be required when you are filing a claim for your trip in order to receive reimbursement.


2. Track your flight & check with your airline

You are responsible for tracking your own flight information and confirming the status of your flight whether you booked your flight on your own or with Tenon Tours. As mentioned above, until there is an official status update on your flight we do need to assume that your flight will operate as scheduled. To help, here are a few links to airline travel alert sites:
Aer Lingus: Travel Advisory
American Airlines: Travel Alerts
British Airways: Travel News
Delta Airlines: Current Advisories
Virgin Atlantic: Travel News
United Airlines: Important Notices



3. Contact the 24/7 Tenon Tours Traveler Hotline (not By-Your-Side-Service)

Please call 781-435-0425, ext. 9
Upon calling please make sure you are able to provide a return call back number, contact email address and any new flight information or status updates. The Tenon Tours representative on call will help work with you to go over what aspects of your trip are affected and what next steps they, and/or you may need to take.
301 North Ave, Floor 2 Wakefield, MA 01880
1632 Savannah Rd, Suite 10 Lewes, DE 19958
[email protected]