Caitlin Tompkins

Personal Travel Specialist

Favorite Tenon Destination: A toss up between Ireland and Scotland. Ireland is like a second home, but Scotland took a hold of my heart and I don’t want it to let go.
Number of Countries Traveled To: 12
Favorite Quote: “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”
Travel Style of Choice: Self-Drive or Hopper! I’m happy to drive most places, but the train is always fun.
Favorite Hobby: Hiking, yoga, and I read a lot.

Caitlin in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower

More About Caitlin

Caitlin hanging out with her friend Cedar at Dunrobin Castle

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?:
“Honestly, Antarctica. It’s considered the last remaining unspoiled wilderness in the world. We’re living in a time where as a destination it’s more accessible than it’s every been. If money were no object I’d love to go on an expedition style trip down there and ride in a zodiac zipping between the floating glaciers and watching for wildlife.”

What are you complimented on most in your work?
“Travelers that I’ve worked with tend to notice that I have a good sense for creating well rounded, and well balanced itineraries. While every trip itinerary is different, I have a keen ability to strike a perfect balance of structure and activity, with pockets of time to explore and welcome the unexpected. That way, the list of must-sees can be checked off and there is room for the unexpected surprises which make travel so delightful!

What has been one fun fact about our destinations that you have learned while working for Tenon?:
“Wales is nicknamed “the land of song.” Neighboring countries might be leaders in dance, athletics, and instrumental music, but Wales’ claim to fame is singing!”

Caitlin Selfie! Here she is in Glenfinnan, Scotland

Who is the ideal Tenon Tours client and why should they connect with your company?:
“The ideal Tenon Tours client is excited and curious about our destinations. They have a sense of what they want to do, but are open to suggestions. They should connect with us because we have all traveled within these destinations extensively, so we know them and can provide good counsel. More importantly, we love these countries and want to get excited with you!”

What is one question that Tenon Tours clients often have about traveling to our destinations?:
“More often than not clients have asked me about driving in Ireland and the UK. I understand that driving on the left side of the round seems daunting, but it’s surprisingly fun! Getting a feel for it only takes a little bit, and after a couple of bends in the road and a trip around a round-about you’ll be grand.”

What inspired you to become a Travel Specialist?:
“I have been blessed to be able to see and experience many destinations (and more every year!) I believe the most natural response is to share that blessing with others. I aim to create opportunities for my clients to be moved and changed by their time spent abroad. To help people see these places well is so fun, and I’m so thankful that I get to work for a company that lets me do that every day!”

Why should someone consider booking their vacation with Tenon Tours?:
“My educational and professional careers have been spent within the realm of travel and tourism, and Tenon Tours is the most special company I’ve encountered. At Tenon, we genuinely care for our clients and have their best interests in mind. With all of the information, and misinformation, out there about Ireland, the UK, and Italy, we can guide you through the planning and booking processes while ensuring you are receiving the best value, best advice, and best customer service possible. “